PCS Detailing

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Department of Transportation (DOT) have set strict guidelines that you must conform to for shipment of your vehicle into the United States.

Your pov must meet all USDA requirements for cleanliness. Your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected to ensure its cleanliness, and that it is free of all dirt, soil,plant and animal life. This is a "zero" tolerance inspection. If your vehicle fails to meet these standarts, you will be provided with an Agricultural Reject Sheet, identifying the areas that need additional cleaning. Only after the vehicle meets these standard can they accept your vehicle.


To get started you will need to wash using a two bucket method. Once the car has been washed, you will need to use a blower for drying. If you do not have a blower simply use two microfiber towels to dry. Use one first then follow with the second. Clay can then be used to detail the car. Clay will need to be new and clean, with lubricant on hand. Clay is used on the headlamps, tail lamps and windows.

Prep Car/Inspect/Polish

Next you will need to wipe down the section you have clayed to remove any residue. Washing can be done again if needed. Once completed, you will need to inspect the vehicle to see if any swirls in the paint are present. If you do need to make a correction, an orbital buffer can be used. Polish the vehicle as stated by the manufacturer for a quality shine.

Protect the Exterior/Inside Cleaning

Once polishing has taken place, you are ready to wax. Use a proper sealant when waxing for added protection. Move on to the interior of the vehicle while you wait for the wax to cure. Use an interior trim cleaner and vacuum then shampoo carpet when needed.

Wheels and Glass

The last step is to clean the wheels and glass. The wheels will need to be cleaned inside and out. The windows and lights will need to be cleaned with a non-abrasive sealant.

While doing your own auto detailing will save you money, a professional can do the job best as they have experience and knowledge. PC Auto Detailing of San Diego is the perfect company to provide you with quality detailing for your vehicle.